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At AIG Mortgage Insurance, we work with mortgage lenders to meet the needs of today’s homeowners—wherever they live.

The dream of home ownership is shared around the world. Lender focus on meeting this demand with new products and services has increased. AIG Mortgage Insurance is helping lenders in both developed and developing markets convert ideas and dreams into reality through affordable and reliable mortgage credit protection—offering the same level of quality and innovation we’ve provided in the U.S. market for more than 50 years.

True value is created when financial participants are willing to make a consistent, long-term commitment to global market development. In Europe, Asia, and the Americas, we’ve established a mutual vision of risk sharing and strong partnerships with lenders. We've partnered with lenders to sensibly and expertly grow home ownership for their customers by providing:

  • Credit Risk Transfer

  • Product Innovation

  • Mortgage Lending Expansion

A subsidiary of American International Group, Inc., AIG Mortgage Insurance helps make the dream of home ownership a reality in countries all around the world. To get started with us, simply select your location above or below, or click “Contact Us”.